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Each of the Women In Power weekends is lead by some of the facilitators pictured below. These women are supported by other trained facilitators as well as a support staff made up of past  participants of the Women In Power program.

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Jude Blitz

Jude, one of the original founders of Women In Power is a psychotherapist in private practice and a facilitator and trainer of Systemic Constellation Work in Boulder, Colorado.   Certified in Hakomi Therapy and Shadow Work®, Jude is a practicing fifth-degree black belt in Aikido, which she teaches at the Naropa University.  She is a mentor with the 4 Gateways Coaching Program.
A member of a moon lodge for many years, and then a member of the Rolling Crones, Jude created and leads a yearly women's retreat, Reclaim Our Feminine Initiations, and workshops on warriorship and the feminine and mother/daughter relationships.
With her husband Tom Daly and colleagues Cliff Barry and Mary Ellen Blandford, she co-created the Inner Sovereign Training.


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Nicola Kurk

Nicola is a certified trainer, mentor, coach and facilitator of Shadow Work®.
She and her husband, John, conduct Shadow Work® trainings and workshops in the UK, Europe, Russia, Latvia, Canada and the US. Nicola leads women-only Shadow Work® retreats that unearth buried aspects of the feminine soul and psyche and celebrate feminine Rites of Passage.
She has created a workshop for mothers and daughters (ages 9-12) with her colleague Debbie Collins. Nicola is an experienced group facilitator, and over the past 21 years has led personal development and spiritually oriented seminars in many countries.
She works privately with both couples and individuals. She has considerable experience of intentional community, leadership, counseling, mediation and communication skills. Educated as an artist, Nicola brings rich texture, colour and creative flair to all her endeavors. She lives in England with John and their son Ben.


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Janine Romaner

Janine Romaner, ND, CHT, is a naturopathic doctor and licensed emotional therapist/counselor of 20 years with a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia.
She is a founding member of the Shadow Work® Guild and is a certified Shadow Work® facilitator, trainer and mentor.
Janine has traveled extensively throughout North America, southern Africa, Britain and Australia, lecturing, training and leading seminars. She is regularly featured on radio health shows and has authored and been featured in many articles printed in international magazines on subjects such as the hazards of metal toxins, toxicity in general, effective ways to heal the body rather than cover symptoms, and archetypal patterns in Jungian psychotherapy. "I love assisting people to finally release unwanted residue or trauma from the past, and experience enrichment of the soul through healthy interaction."


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Sara Schley

Sara, initiator and one of the three original founders of the
Women In Power program, is mostly on sabbatical with her young twins, yet her gifts to our work continue when she is able to attend. Sara is a certified Shadow Work® coach and facilitator. She is a coach, consultant, facilitator and thinking partner to individuals, organizations and communities.
With her husband and partner, Joe Laur,Sara is co-founder of Seed Systems, a company dedicated to personal and planetary healing. She is the creator of numerous communities and collaboratives for global and personal sustainability, including the international SoL Sustainability Consortium, Creating Sustainable Organizations: Meeting the Economic and Social Challenges of our Time, and Yes to Life.
Sara has been an Outward Bound instructor and a member of the Israeli analog to the Peace Corp. She is a published author, facilitator, speaker and teacher in the areas of social diversity, environmental sustainability and personal development.


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ALisa Starkweather

ALisa is a certified Shadow Work® facilitator involved since 1993 and is one of the original founders and designers of Women In Power. She has been avidly involved in ritual, rites of passage work, community building and healing for nearly 25 years.
ALisa is the founder and facilitator of a two-year international women's spirituality and leadership program, the acclaimed Priestess Path Apprenticeship. As a Women's Empowerment Trainer, she helps women to walk on fire, dance with serpents, sleep in caves and transform their lives with authenticity, connection and passion. ALisa has three recordings of her original chants for circles, Daughter of the Earth and Calling Us Home and Women Rise Up. She is the visionary and organizer of the Women's Belly and Womb Conference, Daughters of the Earth Gatherings, the founder of the grassroots Red Tent Temple Movement and a featured teacher and speaker at several women's gatherings worldwide including Making Way for the Feminine for the Benefit of the World Community in Jaipur India.
ALisa is working on several initiatives and future visions for women at this time which include creating a global database for Women Rise Up alliance, Building the Sisterhood Bridge and a U.S. Women Rise Up tour with teachers, ceremonialists, activists and musicians. She is also presently seeking filmmakers that could help her in a Red Tent Temple Youtube series on several women's topics. Her website is www.alisastarkweather.com where you can join her mailing list and be a part of a women's movement now that is shaking the trees.
"ALisa Starkweather is truly magic, deeply wild, and contagiously empowered. She has offered me personally , as well as countless women and men I know, profound renewal of faith and spiritual transformation. She has the ability to stir the hidden, undeveloped, wounded and long neglected parts of our souls into positive action. When ALisa has the opportunity to lead people in ritual or interactive workshops there can be no doubt that The Great Goddess Herself has charged her with the vital, timely work of awakening human beings to the mysteries of the Sacred Feminine." A.W.


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