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"Having personally experienced this program, I highly recommend Women In Power to any woman who wants to step into her shadow and reclaim another piece of her gold. I have worked with thousands of women and it is vital that we look at the predator energy in our lives so we can stop being victims, stop hurting each other and use our power to move forward in our lives in positive ways. Women In Power is a unique, multifaceted program that is staffed and facilitated by women who are compassionate, loving, professional and gifted leaders. Their energies blend to provide deep learning in the ways predator energy can transform a woman's life."
- Char Tosi, Founder, Woman Within Training.

"I strongly recommend the Women In Power initiation for any woman who wants to (re)connect with her profound feminine power. With the guidance of your Shadow Work® trained facilitators, you will experience the primal nature of your feminine predator circuitry, as you tap into the archetypal power that we share as women. This journey is for women who are called to drink deeply from the well of woman-power. It is truly a life-changing experience!"
- Mary Ellen Blandford Whalen, co-founder and Executive Director of Shadow Work® Seminars, Inc.

"That women's warrior training now exists. It's called Women In Power: Initiating Ourselves to the Predator Within. The leaders use the word 'predator' deliberately to introduce a core piece of inner work for women, to unlock women's true power and sexuality. This goes well beyond personal healing. It focuses healthy woman power out into the world. I totally support this work."
- Bill Kauth, M.S., co-founder of the New Warrior Training Adventure, ManKind Project elder, and author of A Circle of Men.

"The Women In Power initiation gave me access to my soul's voice. Now it is my job and opportunity to use this map to complete my soul's work."
- Anatara Paula Geiss

"Do you remember a time when you were ruler of your own universe? Herein lies a path that is deep and dark, and filled with danger. There are guides and help, but you must walk it to claim your rulership back again."
- Erline Towner

"Women In Power honors the deepest places of our individual and collective experiences as women, bringing heartful and soulful blessing to each participant."
- Sage Blue

"This is the most powerful women's sacred container and transformative process I have ever experienced. Every aspect of vision, creation, facilitation, mystery and sacredness has been in integrity."
- Bonnie Raindrop

"Women In Power changed my life! This is exactly what I was looking for! I am re-born into my Power."
- Jeanette Bacevius

"When people ask me about Women In Power, sometimes I don't have words to describe the profound effect that I feel in my bones. Before doing the training, it had never occurred to me that doing work could be both profound and actually be fun, too."
- Regina

"I am not the same person who walked into the Women In Power weekend 9 short months ago. What a glorious journey! It has been exciting, insightful, terrifying and painful all in one furry bundle. I have embraced lessons and run like hell from them. I am deeply grateful and continue to be amazed by the power of this weekend. During some dreamwork, a Fire Breathing Dragon appeared. I love the symbology of the dragon, stirring deep in the cave of my belly, watching, waiting, smoldering, hoarding gold and treasure, discovering that only through mutual trust and respect does the predator reveal his treasures."
- Sandy

"You should understand that the mystery which surrounds this weekend is left there very deliberately for the good of the participants–not to make Women In Power sound mysterious. Once you are there, although it is full of unknowns and mystery, it all feels very real and one’s own."
- Monica Godwin

"I think that every woman should take the opportunity of going to Women In Power. It is a proof of loving yourself, because it is a week-end where you are one with yourself and nature, back to you!"
-Marie Francoise Rosat

"It is love in action. It can help you reclaim lost places in yourself, put the earth back beneath your feet, cherish your essence…."
-Liz Rothschild

"A Jewel in time of soft powerful dreaming."
-Giulia Boden

"Know there is a place to come where you can be nourished to your very core. Don’t be afraid, just do it!"
-Mary Maultby

"This has given me a chance to de-clutter. Before I came I was very much into doing, projecting and "running to" – this weekend has given me the opportunity to be with self. A lingering discontentment has left me. I have given myself permission to have fun and I’m good at it!"
-Lee Taylor

"You are given the possibility to enter into natural, sacred rhythm and space and find the true inner core of your power as a woman."
-Laura Forman

"I wish every woman could have the experience of Women In Power – then all women would be powerful!"
-Helen Willson

"This work is all about you. All cultures that have endured have initiation processes. This is a process we all need in our lives if we are to grow into ourselves."
-Michou Godfrey

"Women In Power is the initiation into womanhood – the birthright of every woman."
- Tia Cusden

"If you want to be a woman of power this is the place to get initiated into that power within you. Be sure you are ready, it’s strong medicine."
-Debbie Collins

"I would like women to know that it offers an opportunity to "know" yourself at a deeper level. I would also like women to know that it is a well-supported and safe container – one that nurtures and encourages women to face, and explore themselves."
-Carole Tomlins

"The Women In Power experience will hold you wherever you are at."
- Jo Poyser

"I feel very strong, and very calm and ready to return to my life now."
-Nicole Ralph-Bowman